Judicial Strategy Against all Forms of Violent Extremism in Prison


Digital Forensic

Prevention and investigation among prisoners and probationers can be enhanced by analysis in the digital environments, social media, mobile and drones data


Legal mediation techniques applied in pre-trial phases may contribute to alleviate problems. Their transposition and adaptation in penal execution contributes to decrease tensions, radical escalations towards violence and facilitates the transition from prison to the free life.

Policy Recommendations

10 policy recommendations for policy-makers and EU technostructures to harmonise strategies at local, national and EU levels, maintaining the attritions of the different jurisdictions. United in the differences.


J-SAFE developed Policy Recommendations for policy makers and high level staff of the MoI, MoJ and the relevant European DGs, containing 10 promising, good and best practices for the prevention of radical phenomena (pre-post trial) and/or in pre-post trial procedures for individual under investigation and/or convicted for terror-related crimes.


This work has as its background thee previous research conducted within the MINDB4ACT project on the topic of prevention of radicalisation within the Forensic Laboratory of the Italian MInistry of Justice, on the one hand, and the legal-doctrinal research work within the JSAFE project, on the other hand. The combination of these researches shows some important elements on which to base this “Handbook for Prison Police and Security”. What emerges are actually four different lessons towards new European and international methodologies of common preventive work. The Handbook takes into consideration the relevant procedural and legislative differences in the field of prevention and investigation of radicalisation at the member states’ level.


The core purpose of this document is to provide judges and legal practitioners with guidance when dealing with complex judgement related to prevention and/or prosecution of radical-enabled terror cases. This report is aimed at supporting judges in making informed decisions with a European view. Support and guidance notes are given for all stages of the procedures, including on individual rehabilitation plans for inmates who are under observation for radical behaviours, in prison or on probation.


The present Handbook is addressed to frontline Prison and Probation Practitioners and upholds the importance of investing in appropriate prison and probation management and also emphasises that prison and probation work should be seen as part of a comprehensive multi-agency strategy to combat radicalisation and violent extremism. It aims to be relevant to prison staff, psychologists, social workers, religious or community leaders and other professionals as well as civil society organisations dealing directly with inmates under observation for radical or extremist behaviour.


The Training of the Trainers (ToT) is a unique experience for LEAs, Judges, Prosecutors and first-line practitioners to spend 4 days face-to face to learn about preventing radicalisation, digital evolution of prisons and digital prison forensics. 

Answers to Your Questions

What is a ToT?

A Training of the Trainers (ToT) is a 4 day face-to-face training course with the purpose of giving the participants all the tools and knowledge they need in order to replicate the course in their own country or with any audience they want.

Where and when will the ToTs be organized?

J-SAFE will be organising three ToTs in 2020: Italy in March, Germany in April and Bulgaria in May.

Can I participate?

Yes if you are a practitioner with a professional background of minimum three years’ in prison and probation management as juvenile and adult prison guards, intelligence officers and related staff active in prison environments, probation officers, both for juveniles and adults, prison educators, judges, prosecutors, NGOs and local welfare services specialized in rehabilitation and alternative measures to prisons, prison and court experts (psychologists, criminologists, Middle-East experts, cultural mediators, etc.)

Who should I contact to have more information?

Visit the page Training of the Trainers or contact us at tot@jsafeproject.eu



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