THIS EVENT IS POWERED BY THE EU CO-FUNDED PROJECTS DERAD (DG JUSTICE) & TRAINIG AID (DG HOME) Scope: Case-based discussion on the evolution of the judicial and penitentiary policies and practices in the light of the new European security challenges. Our objective is to stimulate the theoretical reflection on the legal and procedural aspects of the policies and practices to prevent serious...
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Forgotten Jihadi Women

Forgotten Jihadi Women AGENFOR REPORTAGE ON JIHADI WOMEN AND CHILDREN OF FOREIGN FIGHTERS IN SYRIA Families of jihadi foreign fighters captured in Syria and Iraq have been abandoned BY THEIR GOVERNMENTS in prison camps managed by non-State actors. Agenfor International Foundation visited them there to document their experiences, monitor risks in the case that they return home, and understand...
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J-S.A.F.E. project has started!

J-S.A.F.E. project (Judicial Strategies Against all Forms of Violent Extremism in Prison), co-funded by the European Commision/D.G. Justice and Consumers, most noteworthy supports judges and prosecutors to pronounce informed decision sentencings on cases of radicalization at all stages of the procedures. This will be possible through the use of the most appropriate risk assessment tools, also...
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