THIS EVENT IS POWERED BY THE EU CO-FUNDED PROJECTS DERAD (DG JUSTICE) & TRAINIG AID (DG HOME) Scope: Case-based discussion on the evolution of the judicial and penitentiary policies and practices in the light of the new European security challenges. Our objective is to stimulate the theoretical reflection on the legal and procedural aspects of the policies and practices to prevent serious...
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New McCarthyism or rule of the law: the dilemma of radicalisation

An article by Sergio Bianchi The policies and practices aimed at preventing radical phenomena are profoundly changing the landscape of the EU Justice, impacting on the overall governance of security, but also on the roles of police forces, intelligence agencies and judiciary within prison and probation. Since 2005, practices that traditionally belong in the field of social policies are now under...
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Key International Instruments, Treaties, and Mechanisms with Relevance to Terrorism, Violent Extremism, and Radicalisation

Thanks to our member Center for the Study of Democracy (CSD), Sofia, BG. Here you have a list of International Instruments, treaties and mechanisms to tackle Terrorism caused by Radicalisation and Violent Extremist Behaviours. Information Brief Policy Background  Draft Convention for the Prevention and Punishment of Terrorism, adopted by the League of Nations in 1937, never came into effect in...
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